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The Salad Bowl

A nutritional mix of characters

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(mission statement-y thing)
We tossed our characters together into one big story, yet they still maintain their seperate identities.
Let's watch their personalities clash!
(some general stuff)
It's a mass story where everyone can write- make up an original characters and chuck them into the bowl! Posts don't have to be uber long; they can be whatever length you wish upon them. It is strongly suggested that you read the preceeding entries to get the storyline and the other people's characters.
Our story is set in the fair country of Delran, where King Adrian Theylell rules. At the moment, he is off across the waters, being a diplomat in Meridian. In his absence, the aging Lord Raven acts as Regent, with the young Lord Nethal and Count Briar to assist him.
Our second story, the one we are currently working on, occurs in Faerlynd, a country brimming with nomadic people and warring tribes-people. The ruler, who doesn't rule so much as convince other countries not to attack Faerlynd, is Grymoirth, officially known as Faer IX. Amaria, his frumpy wife, loves sausages and ketchup.
Have fun writing!