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Ok, so I'm doubleposting, but I wrote this today and I want to put it up and it sort of leads into a plot that can go almost anywhere, unless someone doesn't want to introduce a grand scheme, in which case I will.
Ok so that made sense, pretend.

Aside: My chapter titles are in this format, if anyone wants to keep it up so we know who and what is going on.

location: main character OR event


She wondered sometimes about her unicorn friend. She had heard of their living in bands and rarely a vast herd, but he always seemed to be alone. Perhaps he was young and starting out on his own, for his beard hadn't yet grown in.

Sometimes he seemed quite perceptive, almost too perceptive to credit it to the wisdom of unicorns. Some things she would say aloud elicited a respone that seemed almost human in his expression or action.

She was in the forest again, having snuck away from the village on the pretense of gathering berries in teh forest. She tucked the basket in a hollow under a thick root and followed a faint game trail west towards the sun nearing the horizon.

Her unicorn must have taken this trail recently, for though it was dry and free of tracks, there was manure near the side and no one in the village had a horse. She had never been this deep in the forest alone, but the promise of another wild ride through the trees kept her moving on in the golden glow of the late afternoon--early evening, really--sunlight.

She had been on the trail for some minutes when she heard a sound like swords dueling. She had seen a duel some time ago on a trip to a large town for winter supplies could still remember the exciting clash of steel and the blades that flashed like silver-winged birds. Her step became faster. The trees were thinning ahead, and she thought she heard a voice.

In a clearing, she saw a canvas tent pitched haphazardly under a tree. That was all she had time to take in, for the scene was too spectacular to be believed.

A young man was dueling with her unicorn. He had a light foil and seemed to be practicing more than actually fighting, for his face, though damp with sweat, was full of laughter. He thrust and dodged, dancing about the clearing lightly on his feet as the unicorn did the same, parrying or attacking, his neck like a wave of silver as his mane rejoiced in the greeze.

In one swift motion, the unicorn locked sword and horn and flipped his head, sending the foil flying from the man's hand to land some feet away, rolling over the dusty ground.

The man raised his hands and laughed, his chest heaving for breath as sweat dripped down his ace.

"You beat me again, Praan. You beat me again."

The unicorn tossed his head up and down joyfully, his mane falling like a silver rain. The man, still laughing, bent to pick up his sword, his eyes scanning the trees. He saw Leda standing by the treeline and smiled, still breathing heavily, saluting her with the foil.

"Come to watch us, miss? We mean no harm to your village, just humble travelers looking for work."

Leda curtsied, her eyes on this man. He was dressed in soft-leather boots, well worn, breeches, and a forest tunic over a loose undyed blouse. Brown hair fell into his eyes, sticking wetly to his sweaty forehead. He pushed the hair aside and grinned at her, his eyes a bright green.


Will finish later, the bell's about to ring. :-(

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