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New Plot! Finally!

Alright, since our last plotline kind of died, we're starting all over again. Brand spankin' new!

Here's your setting:

Faerlynd, a country populated by people and whatever the hell else we decide to toss in. The people are of the nomadic persuasion, and like packing up everything randomly and moving. Their King (or equivalent thereof) is called Faer IX, but his given name is Grymoirth. The name Faer just comes with the Kingship. His wife, Amaria, is a frumpy woman who likes sausages with ketchup and is doted upon by Grymoirth. Some have specualted that the only way to truly gain Grymoirth's favor is by sending sausages, ketchup, or both, in large quantities. The Land itself is fertile and forrested, inhabited by many animals, which will be indentified as the story progresses. It is a relatively landlocked country, with only one strip of shoreline to call its own. Faerlynd is not a particularly rich country as a whole, but many citizens have become increasingly wealthy as they travel abroad.

Some Quick Facts:

  • The people are referred to as Faerlyians.  
  • They are nomads
  • There is no desert, only green!
  • The current leader is Faer IX, a.k.a. Grymoirth.

Now...go have some fun with this. If I have time, I'll post something, but if I don't...someone else do it, please? I just made this country up on the spot, so feel free to do whatever you want with it, I won't care. Make up some fun characters, or whatever, and write! Yay!
Maybe make up some fun tribal rituals...sacrifice some small animals, children, you know, things like that...:)

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