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Sha-weet...I was hoping those three would meet up with my… - The Salad Bowl

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April 8th, 2005

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01:39 pm

Sha-weet...I was hoping those three would meet up with my two...Pete, if you make your three come join these five, the plots can intermingle and I can introduce my plot point. For now, my two are going to figure out exactly what Sara's three are all about.

Ysaal, Elder Bryan's son, opened the door to the guesthouse and ushered in three travelers looking rather destitute. Praan and North moved in a flash as they heard the latch-string pulled from outside: Praan kicked the pile of arrows under his stool with a clatter and dropped the bag of feathers overtop while North slammed the lid of the trunk down furiously and grabbed the nearest object, which turned out to be Praan's soft-leather boots he had left to sit by the door. He grabbed a grease-rag from the corner and began to hastily grease the leather.

Ysaal made quick introductions and told the two the situation. North and Praan exchanged glances as he left and the three moved cautiously, rather like caged animals, to the warm fireplace against the cool of the spring night.

There was a silence, in which the fire crackled and snapped and North cleared his throat quietly. No one spoke. It was as if each had something to hide.


I'll get back to this at some point, I have to actually work today in creative writing (gasp)

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